Tailor-made courses for small groups of 6 to 8 students specially designed for Reproductive Centers that wish to train their team of embryologists or for manufacturers and companies whose personnel require knowledge in Assisted Reproduction techniques.

Embryotools guarantees a unique environment and a highly technological laboratory with the most modern and exclusive equipment on the market available for training.

Possibility of giving and organizing courses outside our facilities. Customization of the program according to experience and needs.

For more information please contact us at training@embryotools.com


Group courses are designed both for experienced embryologists who wish to improve their results and for young embryologists who are starting out in IVF techniques and also for companies related to the Assisted Reproduction sector.

At Embryotools’ facilities, we have the necessary equipment and teaching staff to ensure that the training is as individualized as possible, with one teacher and one workstation for every two students. We also have an unlimited number of samples available for the practical sessions.

The aim of the training is to go through the processes involved in IVF cycles focusing on the main techniques, emphasizing the important theoretical aspects and doing intensive hands- on practice to become an excellent clinical embryologist.

We offer training in:

  • Quality control: understand the fundamental principles of quality control, set up, management and workflow organization in an IVF laboratory.  Improve results, gain consistency and analyze the stability of the culture system in the laboratory.
  • IVF techniques: practical training in all the techniques used in an IVF laboratory. Updating knowledge of routine techniques and discovering how to improve results with just a few important tips and tricks.
  • ICSI: based on different types of oocyte injection, sperm capture and immobilization, oocyte rotation, IMSI and PICSI.
  • Cryopreservation of oocytes, embryos and blastocysts: The course will focus on practical and intensive lessons on vitrification, warming and assisted hatching techniques, providing tips and tricks to achieve consistent results.
  • Embryo biopsy: implementing trophectoderm biopsy (or day+3 biopsy) in the laboratory routine. Learn new tips and tricks on all aspects of blastocyst biopsy.
  • Semen preparation: learn how to analyze all types of semen samples and how to prepare them for any of the techniques applied in an IVF laboratory.
  • Ovarian tissue cryopreservation: intensive practice in ovarian cortex dissection and cryopreservation using slow freezing and vitrification protocols.

To design a customized course, elaborating a program adapted to your needs and to organize the timetable and duration of the course, please contact us at: training@embryotools.com

Team of embryologists involved in the training courses:
Gloria Calderón, PhD; Nuno Costa-Borges, PhD; Enric Mestres, PhD; Mònica Acacio, MSc and Carolina Castelló, BSc.

Certificates of attendance will be awarded to participants at the end of the course.