Animal reproduction

The Premier Center For Animal Genetics

The continuous advances in assisted reproductive technologies have had an enormous impact on the animal breeding industry. With extensive experience in animal reproduction, our scientific  team has successfully translated research into commercial breeding programs. In 2009, we successfully cloned the first animals in Spain and in 2012, using an innovative micromanipulation technique, we were the first in Europe to obtain sex-selected horses from biopsied embryos. More recently, we obtained the first foal 100% made in Spain following the application of ovum-pick and ICSI techniques.

As a premier center for all activities related to assisted reproduction techniques with state of the art facilities, we offer breeders from around the world:

• the most advanced solutions to solve infertility problems in elite animals
• the best chance to clone their high performance animals (primarily horses and cows, but not exclusively)
• the opportunity of preserving the genetics of their animals to have the option of cloning them in the future.

Services Available

Intracytoplasmatic sperm injection

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is an in vitro fertilization procedure recommended for females that have failed to become pregnant with standard insemination techniques or when pregnancies are wanted from limited sperm samples.

Embryo biopsy for genetic diagnosis

Embryo biopsy is based on taking a reduced number of cells from an embryo in an early developmental stage without compromising its further development. The biopsied cells are then immediately processed for genetic analysis and the results obtained before the embryo is transferred into a recipient female. Using this technique it is possible to avoid transferring an embryo carrying a gene for a particular disease, or to select the sex or coat color of the upcoming animal.

Embryo cryopreservation

We have extensive experience in the most advanced methods of embryo vitrification. Embryos can be cryopreserved at different developmental stages with high success rates and stored in liquid nitrogen indefinitely until our customers decide to transfer them into recipient females.

Genetic preservation

The genetics of the most valuable animals can now be preserved to guarantee that their bloodline will not be lost and they can be cloned in the future.  For this simple procedure, a small biopsy sample is taken from the chosen animal by a veterinarian and immediately shipped to our laboratory in a biopsy kit and container provided by us.  For better results, we recommend the biopsy to be performed when the animal is still healthy. In cases where an animal dies suddenly, a tissue sample should be obtained immediately and kept refrigerated until our biopsy kit arrives.  After that it should be sent to our laboratory immediately.

Animal Cloning

Animal cloning is a fascinating technology that allows the production of an animal genetically identical to an existing one.  All that is required is a small biopsy sample of the animal to be cloned, as described in the genetic preservation service.  Once we receive it, our scientific team will do the rest.

This technology allows our customers to greatly expand the reproductive potential of their high performance animals or to reduce the impact of an unexpected injury or death. All cloned animals are subjected to DNA testing to confirm their identities and to veterinary examinations to confirm their health status.