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At Embryotools, we believe that knowledge and expertise are the keys to achieving the best results in the IVF Laboratory. All our trainings are developed in a unique environment and highly technological laboratory with the most modern and exclusive equipment in the market available for training.

We welcome you to broaden your experience and learn the most advanced techniques from our panel of experts, led by Dr. Gloria Calderon and Dr Nuno Costa-Borges.

We offer practical sessions with micromanipulator, working station, incubator and the most modern technology for exclusive use and lessons delivered in one-to-one basis by a highly experienced team of embryologist with innate teaching skills.

Our training courses are personalized to your needs and requirements. All our courses are delivered one to one or in small groups – this ensures that our experts can provide the best education to each student.

Members of our Scientific Team are all PhD graduates and have more than 20 years’ experience teaching IVF techniques and procedures to students all around the world. They are lecturers in different Masters Programs for Human Reproduction in various universities in Europe and have been published in more than 200 research papers.

All training courses are conducted in our state of the art facility equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Extensive materials are provided for hands-on training of each technique.  All the practical knowledge and experience we provide is quickly assimilated by the student and can be applied directly in everyday cases.

Recently Embryotools has initiated a collaboration with Microptic S.L. that will allow to introduce an andrology course that will also be carried out, in part, in the facilities of this collaborating company.

Classes can be conducted in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese. For other languages, translation services are available.

Certificates are provided at the successful conclusion of each course.


For further information please contact us at training@embryotools.com