Full hands-on 3 days course in collaboration with Microptic.
Learn how to analyse all sorts of sperm samples and prepare them for any of the techniques applied in an IVF lab.
This course guarantees a unique environment and highly technological laboratory with the most modern and exclusive equipment in the market available for training.


For further information please contact us at training@embryotools.com

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Sperm preparation in collaboration with Microptic


Aims and goals of the course:

To understand how to setup and manage a successful andrology lab and learn key tips on how to deal with all kinds of sperm samples. To improve the knowledge and understanding about the latest techniques to select the best sperm.

In collaboration with Microptic (www.micropticsl.com) the course will offer the possibility to go through all the latest discoveries and innovations in the field of sperm analysis in Microptic’s facilities.

In our facilities it will be possible to learn and have intensive hands on sessions in sperm preparation using different types of sperm samples with an assigned member of our team.

Scientific Program:

Theoretical Sessions (30-45 min duration):

  • “Sperm features and fertilization process” by Núria Medarde, PhD
  • “Sperm care” by Embryotools’ team

Hands on Sessions by Microptic:

  • Macroscopic and microscopic sperm analysis.
  • Microscopic sperm assessment: Motility, Concentration, Morphology and Vitality analysis.
  • Manual versus automatic sperm evaluation
  • Sperm functional tests: Mucus penetration, Hyperactivation, Acrosome reaction and DNA fragmentation.

Hands on Sessions by Embryotools:

  • Sperm preparation techniques: Gradients, swim-up.
  • Dilution of sperm preparation samples for IU, IVF and ICSI techniques.
  • How to cryopreserve sperm.
  • Simplified sperm selection methods using microfluidics.

Team of embryologists providing the training:
Embryotools Team: Gloria Calderón, PhD; Nuno Costa-Borges, PhD; Enric Mestres, PhD;  Mònica Acacio; MSc; Carolina Castelló, BSc
Microptic Team: Núria Medarde, PhD

Certificate of attendance awarded to participants completing the workshop

Date: Three days.

  • First day at Microptic’s facilities.
  • Two days at Embryotools’ facilities from 09:00h to 16:30h (with a coffee break and 30 min lunch pause).

Price: 1800 Euros

Depending on your experience and needs we can modify the training course by adding extra days to the course.


  •  Embryotools’ Laboratories
    Avenida Doctor Marañón, 8
    Parc Científic de Barcelona
    08028 Barcelona, Spain
    Josep Tarradellas, 8, 1º 6ª
    08029 Barcelona, Spain