Patients recruiting phase for the clinical pilot trial on maternal spindle transfer conducted by Embryotools and the Institute of Life is now concluded

Embryotools and the Institute of Life communicate that a total of 25 patients have been successfully recruited to participate in the first registered pilot trial that is being conducted by Embryotools and the Institute of Life in Greece. The pilot trial has been approved in accordance to the terms and conditions of the Greek Law 3305/2005 and registered in a primary clinical trial registry (ISRCTN) recognized by WHO and ICMJE.

The 25 patients have been selected following the strict inclusion criteria defined in the framework of this clinical research project, which aims to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the maternal spindle transfer technique as a means to treat infertility problems associated to cytoplasmic dysfunctions in oocytes – which manifest by a “massive” embryo development arrest in IVF cycles with conventional techniques – as well as to prevent the transmission of mitochondrial diseases.

Embryotools and the Institute of Life will like to express their gratefulness to all patients that contacted us and manifested their support and interest in participating in this project. The project is expected to be concluded within the next months and results will be made public after the acceptance of the publications in specialized peer-reviewed journals.