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e-tubing™ is an accessory device aimed to assist embryologists on transferring biopsied cells, under a stereomicroscope, from a micromanipulation dish into an PCR 0.2 ml tube.

Its design comprises an ergonomic holder that allows both left- and righthanders to set tubes at a preferred position, in a wide range of angles that can vary between 5º and 175º degrees.

The tube holder allows two PCR 0.2 ml tubes to be held at the same time, so that after transferring the biopsied samples into a first tube, a second PCR tube can be processed at the same angle and used as a blanc, if desired.

Additionally, the inserts positioned at the top of the tube holder allow the lid of the PCR 0.2 ml tubes to be maintained opened and sited in the same position while processing.

Finally, e-tubing™ includes two holes in the main axis that are intended to hold two PCR 0.2 ml tubes in a vertical position before or after processing samples.