Quality control center

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Objective, Timely and Reliable Quality Control

Embryotools is an external independent testing facility providing specialized testing services for all type of raw material, culture media, devices and other disposable items that are used in the IVF Laboratory.  All our tests are designed by PhD level scientists with more than 30 years of experience with human embryos and mouse embryos, giving suppliers and users full confidence in the materials from batch to batch.

Our State of Art facility operates under strict GMP guidelines, 7 days a week.  Our flexible schedule,  together with our expertise, allow us to provide accurate and detailed Certificates of Analysis and reports in a short time period.

Embryotools Scientific Team has been directly involved with day to day IVF Laboratory management and therefore, understands perfectly the specific needs of quality control for each material and device that is used in the IVF procedures.  Our testing results will help ensure that products can be used worry free in the IVF laboratory giving reproductive specialist the confidence and peace of mind that their embryos are safe.

Mouse Embryo Assay

Our MEAs are only performed with 1-cell mouse embryos for higher accuracy. We offer the following MEAs with different degrees of sensitivity and information according to customer’s requirements:

Standard MEA: at least 80% of 1-cell mouse embryos must develop until the blastocyst stage and pass a visual morphological examination.  Reports are available 5-7 days from test article receipt.

Standard MEA plus: in the end of a standard MEA, a staining protocol is processed for counting of the total number of cells in the blastocysts obtained. Reports are available 5-7 days from test article receipt.

Golden MEA: tested embryos are transferred into recipient females to follow their in vivo development to term.​  Reports are available 4-6 weeks from test article receipt.

Other customized MEAs are also available.

LAL Assay

Limulus Amebocyte Lysate Assay (LAL) is the most sensitive and specific test available to screen raw material and devices for the presence of harmful levels of endotoxin. Reports are sent to clients 5-7 days from test article receipt.

Human Sperm Motility Assay

Human Sperm Motility Assay (HSMA) is used for quality assurance of all type of devices or materials to be used in semen preparation in IVF laboratories. Reports are sent to clients clients 4-5 days from test article receipt.

Frozen Mouse Embryos and Hamster Oocytes

Embryotools is glad to provide you with frozen mouse embryos and hamster oocytes for quality control or training purposes in your lab. All cryopreserved products are frozen in straws and shipped in nitrogen containers worldwide. Different mouse embryo developmental stages are available, including: one-cell, two-cell, 4-cell or blastocyst. As standard, each straw contains 11 mouse embryos or 11 hamster oocytes, although specific requirements can be met.

 High survival rates ensured in all batches.

For pricing information and stock availability, please contact us at: info@embryotools.com