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The collaboration between Embryotools and Microptic begins with the objective of performing sperm analysis in our laboratory and providing training on CASA systems (Computer Aided Semen Analysis).

We understand that andrology is a vitally important specialty in assisted reproduction units. More specifically, if we focus on the analysis of semen, applying an appropriate protocol it is possible to arrive at the diagnosis of male sterility and thus be able to offer treatments. On the other hand, sperm tests are always helpful before IVF-ICSI treatments.


Microptic, specialized in the analysis of semen for more than 20 years, is one of the pioneering companies in CASA systems with the SCA – Sperm Class Analyzer ®. In addition, this company already provides training and practical workshops of different levels to professionals and distributors of the sector.

Unlike manual analysis, a CASA system increases the competitiveness of laboratories thanks to the standardization of the analysis and the recording of results.


CASA SCA system, by Microptic

Thanks to this automatic measurement software for the analysis of sperm samples, the following parameters can be analyzed, following the WHO criteria: